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UK shopper rants niqab-wearing woman in Feltham, London

The shocking incident took place as the couple queued at the checkout in an Aldi store in Feltham, west London to pay for their goods when the woman from the opposite aisle began her racist tirade against them and argued that niqab shouldn’t be allowed. The British woman kept repeating “it’s disgusting” towards a Muslim woman wearing a niqab. She added, “You shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box”.
She shouted at the husband that it was disgusting that he made his wife wear the full-body covering but he calmly replied that it is his wife’s choice to wear the niqab. The husband also asked her ‘do you think freedom of choice is disgusting?’ But the woman kept shouting “disgusting, absolutely disgusting”.


The footage of the incident was uploaded on Facebook by the couple’s friend – Federica Lucarelli, where it has since been viewed over 30,000 times.

She said no one intervened to stop the woman before the Aldi staff member.

Ever since the video went viral, the police are investigating the incident. “We are aware of a video circulating on social media which appears to show a woman shouting racial abuse at an unknown victim. Officers from the Community Safety Unit at Hounslow borough are investigating,” Metropolitian Police.

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