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VIP Culture leaves innocent people fighting for life once again – Akhir Kab Tak?

Pakistan is a land of contrasts, it’s not the geography but the attitude, lifestyle and behavior of people that is of concern. The rich in Pakistan lead a lifestyle that would be the envy of some of the richest people in the world. The poor in Pakistan live a life of degradation, deprivation, and humiliation. They are the vast majority but their lives do not seem to matter. The Pakistani elite consider them an unpleasant intrusion in their otherwise carefree rapacious lifestyle.

VIP Culture leaves innocent people fighting for life once again Today again a scene was created in Karachi which has ruined the peace of the city.

One Lexus Lx 570 with registration plate AFR 2017 Non Custom Paid came to my residence ERUM VILLAS and misbehaved with the apartment’s guard on the parking gate. A guard from that car got off and hit a bud to the apartment’s chowkidaar who was of course unarmed.

When the chowkidar approached my uncle, Akram Khan, and told him that the guards were not removing the car from the gate, my uncle Akram Khan went to talk to them about the matter. After that when my uncle came in between to see what’s going on that guard opened fire and a few bullets hit my uncle and a few other people because of which people got injured.

The owner of the this car is Abubakar Baloch who came to visit Metro one News channel’s office to meet Khalid Arain owner of the channel at Mashreq centre.

While this guard was firing, another car, precisely, a land cruiser V8 (Qatar Numberplate) came there along with a few employees of metro one and they made an attempt to drag that guard out who already fired two magazines and hit several people out of which 3 are in Liaquat National hospital in a critical condition.

The owner of that car and the guard are still not arrested and the police is not making any efforts to arrest Abubakar Baloch who was sitting with Khalid Arain (Owner Metro One)

The entire scuffle started on a minor issue yet ended up putting many lives in danger, all only due to ego issues of the elite and powerful. Akhir Kab Tak ….. Aam logon ko ye bardasht karna hoga? Kab tak insaaf nahi milay ga?

Insaan koi bhi ho kitna bhi paisay wala ya powerful kisi dusray ko marnay ka haq nae hota.

Rather than being used to ensure safe passage these protocols serve as an exercise in vanity on the part of politicians boosting their ego’s and sense of importance. This is the cold reality of the situation and symptomatic of living in a society where there is a deep stratification within our social structure. So as power and influence continue to be saturated within the hands of a few select individuals we will keep seeing more victims of this VIP culture slowly emerge over time.

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