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This is why Waqar Zaka was beaten brutally in Public
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This is why Waqar Zaka was beaten brutally in Public

According to our sources, Waqar Zaka visited Xander’s cafe last night where he was caught making video of a girl who was sitting right in front of him. When her friends noticed, they approached him and asked why he was making the video.

Sources have confirmed that Waqar Zaka was drunk and replied, “Do whatever you want to do, I am not going to delete the video.”

In reply to his statements, he was taken outside the cafe where he was brutally beaten up.

It is important to note that Waqar Zaka after making the video of the girl was sharing it with his friends on Snapchat and apparently he sent to a person who was a close friend of that girl.

Well, about time you realise Mr Waqar Zaka, you cannot mess with a girl’s respect. Who gave you the right to film a random girl and then share it with your friends? Making false accusations on Tv channels won’t hide the truth. To all those who are still supporting him, Kindly open your eyes and watch this video.

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