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Waqar Zaka in Burma - Another drama for publicity?
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Waqar Zaka in Burma – Another drama for publicity?

Waqar Zaka has remained plastered all over our Instagram newsfeeds and Facebook Timelines due to his short lived detention in Myanmar subsequent deportation to Pakistan that left all of us confused.

But for someone so widely disliked and ridiculed by the public, the extent of his influence is surprising.

For anyone aware of the situation of the Rohingya Muslim community in the Rakhine province of Myanmar, Waqar’s actions are heroic. Even for someone that doesn’t particularly like him, the prevailing feeling would be that yes, at least he was doing something.

It is not for anyone to judge the intentions of this men, or even to question why was he recording his act of humanitarian relief every single step of the way.

The question is if he was really to cover the humanitarian crisis, why was he constantly playing it out as a relief effort for the Rohingyas on social media?

While it feels more than a little uncomfortable given his own self promotional hero that saves damsel in distress, one has to appreciate Iqrar ul Hassan Syed for once. He too is in Myanmar. His reasons too are up for debate. But at least he makes sure to officially tell his viewers and followers that he is indeed out there to cover the event. Not implying he is there to singlehandedly rescue the Rohingya community.

Let’s hope the praise is not wasted on him, and he sticks to doing what he’s there to do.

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