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A wedding ritual that kills 2000 brides every year in Pakistan
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A wedding ritual that kills 2000 brides every year in Pakistan

More than two thousand brides are killed every year over the most daunting wedding ritual of the eastern culture – DOWRY!

Being one of the most murderous ritual in the country, dowry still seems to be more concentrated throughout major cities of the country, especially in rural areas.

Coming across a new dowry dispute everyday, one can recall only a few to define how far these issues go ahead, resulting in nothing but a mere death of the girl in ‘red’.

Young Shumail, daughter of a poor father, was tortured and assaulted to death by her husband just because her father failed to meet the dowry demands. Madeeha, another victim of dowry dispute, was burned to death for not bringing a motorbike in dowry for her husband. Aneeba was poisoned to death as her husband found that she would not be able to meet the dowry demands.

Unfortunately, all these incidents are true and real that depict the ruthless ritual – Dowry – taking the lives of more than two thousand women every year. However, there seems to be a higher death toll since many of the incidents are believed to be unreported.

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