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Libra season has just begun, What’s your Horoscope this week?

Libra season has just begun, and relationships are the focus this week. You will be stepping back from your own personal problems to consider the people in your life.

Tomorrow, Venus will come into a square with Saturn. You could encounter some relationship tension or stress, or you may just want to be alone. Any partnership that isn’t fully working might feel like too much responsibility. If you put in the effort though you will be rewarded, and by working through your problems, the relationship will only grow stronger.

On Friday, Mercury will form a square with Pluto. You won’t have much time for small talk, as you would much rather go deep and have a more intimate conversation with someone. You will also be better at giving advice, but still be mindful of how your words come across. Don’t push someone if they would rather keep some things to themselves.

Any relationship woes will be cleared up on Saturday with the new moon in Libra. The new moon is the best time to act on what you want. You’ve made some realizations recently, and now you are ready to do something about it. Libra is the sign of partnerships, so this new moon will either give an old relationship a fresh start or bring someone completely new into your life. You will be opening yourself up to love and the idea of sharing your life with someone else, and this could apply to business partners or close friendships as well. If anything has been rocky recently, you are being given the opportunity to restore peace and balance. This month your best work will be achieved by working as one half of a team.

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