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'New Year Resolutions' you must make to stay fit all year round in 2017
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‘New Year Resolutions’ you must make to stay fit all year round in 2017

We’ve listed 12 modest, but effective goals that make a lasting impact on your fitness all year round.

1. Just walk out the door and breakup with couch

If you’ve been stuck to your couch, then the quickest way to get on towards a fitter 2017 might be just to walk out the door. There’s a good reason why running is the most popular workout on the planet, as it can help you build flexibility for the activities you plan to take up during 2017.

2. If it doesn’t excite you, it’s probably not going to work 

Whether you are deciding to go to the gym or get into outdoor activities, find those who are in engaged in similar activities, so as to help you out in the activity if you are somewhat unaware. Don’t stop yourself from changing an activity if you do not approve of it. Keeping a hold to something that does not excite you may end up in discouragement in physical activeness.

3. Snack more to lose more weight

Stick to a few meals and cover them by snacking onto natural foods, whether in between instead of skipping meals, however this may not necessarily lead to weight loss anyway.

4. What you see is what makes you

Well, seeing is believing. Keep your body hair trimmed, a mirror and a camera in hand, that is if your goal is to change your overall body composition.

5. Treat your time to train as an important business meeting

Before you conclude that you might have a fall with your plan, decide what steps you want and make the activities you choose a habit. Figure out a day in the week where you can squeeze in a quick 20 minute workout session or any other activity that you enjoy.

6. Zap your fat using an app

As most of us spend a lot of time working out our thumbs on our smartphones, it’s only fair that the app store comes loaded with a host of apps that persuade you into evaluating or monitoring your health more seriously. Look out for applications that are goal-oriented and hold yourself accountable for all your achievements and failures.

7. Go back to school to stay motivated

Join a class to keep your mind refreshing and your brainpower boosted. In fact, recent studies indicate that middle-aged adults who go back to school had a decreased risk of developing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, hence staying passionate and motivated with what they do.

8. The more realistic your goals, the greater the chance of achieving them

Go for a long run if you plan to get up bright and early for the first time tomorrow; eat healthy, do not miss a session, and maintain the same intensity through the month, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Ease into developing healthier habits such as adding a fruit into your diet or setting the alarm for the same time every day for an early workout.

9. Count the ingredients, not the calories

Avoid indulging yourself with complicated ingredients and calorie counts; especially if you are deciding to assemble your daily diet completely. Instead, opt or hunt for simple dishes that use only a few organic ingredients; use greens, lean meats, and fruits as key ingredients.

10. Know more if you want to grow more

Keeping a check on your steps, calories, heart rate, food intake, sleeping habits and activity levels can help you get closer to your fitness goals even faster. Pick the best tracker, the one that best suits your needs and helps you stay motivated.

So, follow up and have a fit and healthy 2017!

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