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13 Reasons Why Summer is Wonderful!

My favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather, the school vacation, and the endless fun. I really enjoy the warm weather because it’s the perfect atmosphere to do outdoor activities. … Everyone works so hard during the school year, so they deserve that free time.Getting a proper Scottish summer is about as rare as jumping right out of bed on a Monday morning, but when it’s taps ‘aff weather we know these are all reasons why summer is the best!

1. Going to the beach


There are some really amazing beaches and spending a day building sandcastles, being brave enough to paddle and getting a chippy for tea sounds like a pretty great day.

2. Exercising


Is it just us, or is going for a run, playing football in the park or doing a few games of rounders just better during summer?

3. Ice cream


You can have ice cream as much as you want

4. Shorts & dresses


The one time your ‘rents won’t make sure you wear a jacket before heading out and you can take advantage of getting those pale pins out in the hopes of getting a wee tan.

5. Going abroad


If you manage to book somewhere nice with friends or family to go away during summer then you’re pretty much winning.

6. Time off school


Even if you don’t stray far from home over the break, you get about 6 weeks off school where the alarm gets turned off and you’re free to do as you please!

7. Chill-time


Chilling out with friends, having some you time and just getting nothing done during the day except relax. That’s the dream.

8. Summer blockbusters


Sooo many great films come out over the summer and the best thing is that you can save money on being the first to see them.

9. Absolute tunes


As well as movies, what with festival season, all of our favourite artists bring out some proper anthems. You can check out our June Summer Sounds playlist on Spotify for our top picks!

10. BBQs


Nothing beats the smell of a BBQ. Except eating BBQ’d food. Picnics are pretty yummy too!

11. The light nights


You can be out in the garden until 9pm and the sun is yet to set.

12. Getting a tan


So long as you wear the right sunscreen, bronzed skin is one of the best things about the warmer months. Check out our info on being safe in the sun.

13. Actually venturing outdoors…


Let’s face it, none of us really want to do things after work or school when the weather is cold, you just want to get in your blanket, but in summers you can do all your pending work.

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