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3 reasons why neem is a wonder ingredient for your skin

Grown throughout Pakistan, neem is not only known for its medicinal properties but also for tackling skin issues. It contains certain beneficial compounds that have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are healthy for the skin.

Here are some benefits that will keep your skin fresh and glowing.

  1. A good moisturizer

Applying the decoction of neem leaves on your skin makes it soft and supple. It also fights acne and if the neem paste is mixed with turmeric, it results in a perfect, glowing skin. In addition to this, the anti-fungal properties of neem help lighten scars and pigmentation.

  1. Acts as a skin toner

You can extract the natural essence from the neem leaves and use it as a toner. Preparing a toner is not at all a difficulty. Just boil some neem leaves, dip a cotton ball and then wipe your face from it. Leave it overnight and see the amazing results. In a couple of days, your face will be free of acne, scars, pigmentation, and blackheads.

  1. Treats dry skin

Neem oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are enough for treating dry skin. It penetrates deep down into your skin, healing the cracks that have occurred from dryness and ensures that moisture stays locked in. Now enjoy winters using this natural method to fight off dryness!

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