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5 Health Benefits of Having Pets!

As history shows, animals have been around humans for many reasons like work or food. But over time we realised that not only for these two purposes, animals can also provide some much needed companionship.

During these difficult times, people feel socially isolated, depressed and lonely which in turn has many adverse effects on their health. Having a pet can greatly benefit us in terms of our physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Here are some ways, having a pet can be a great help.


Reduced Anxiety & Stress

With the uncertainty that surrounds us right now we can easily become victim to anxiety and stress disorders. Having a pet can substantially help us overcome these problems. Studies have shown that people who have pets face much less anxiety and stress after a traumatic experience, as compared to people who don’t. Interaction with dogs can particularly contribute to improving our moods and increase positive energy around us.

Increased “Feel-Good” Chemicals

Oxyticin, better known as the “love hormone” helps bonding and is associated with positive emotions. Studies have shown that human-animal interaction increases the levels in our body. Something as simple as watching your pet, go about his/her day, petting them or snuggling with them can facilitate in increasing positivism.

Reduced Lonesomeness

Particularly during this pandemic we have all become prone to loneliness. With barely any interaction with people, we can easily go a little stir crazy.

Having a pet by our side who offers us unwavering companionship and unconditional love can substantially help keep our mood elevated and sanity intact!



Laughter Therapy

Being a dog owner myself, I can tell you there are many times when puppies just do silly, goofy things that make you bust a gut laughing. Studies have shown that pet owners laugh more frequently, as interaction with their fur-babies can be very amusing and entertaining. Particularly people who own just dogs or both dogs & cats, as compared to just owning cats, are more prone to the benefits of laughter therapy.



Immunity Boost

A strong immune system is the best weapon against this frustrating Coronavirus. Pets significantly aid in the development of the human immune system.

Studies show that children with pets are less likely to develop allergies and had lower rates and/or shorter duration of illness.


Laughter absolutely can be a great medicine during times when we are feeling down and these little critters are absolute furry bundles of joy!

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