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5 Surprising Benefits of Waking Up Early

1 – Peace of mind

First and foremost, when you wake up early in the morning, you get a peace of mind. There are no kids yelling, no cars, no noises; just you and your own thoughts. There is many benefits of having a peace of mind early in the morning. First of all, it sets your day in the right set of mind, because it is very stressful to just wake up and just jump into your routine, into your work. When you wake up and you take your time and it’s quiet and it’s sincere and it’s just nice and quiet, your day is going to be much better than if you just wake up, jump out of bed, and go straight into your work and to your daily routine.

2 – Increased productivity

A second major benefit is increased productivity, because while the rest of the world is asleep, you’re up and you can get into whatever work you need to get done in the morning. Because it’s so quiet and you’re by yourself, there are no distractions, so you can really concentrate on your work and just really get it done in much less time than if you’re surrounded by family members or colleagues or anybody else.

3 – Enough time for a good breakfast

Being an early riser also gives you enough time to get a good breakfast, because let’s face it: everybody’s busy, and you probably lack time and probably you get so rushed in the morning that oftentimes, you forget to have breakfast, or you have just 10 minutes and you go for a very sugary cereal or some frozen thing or something unhealthy.

4 – More energy

Better rest equals more energy. And early risers generally have better sleep patterns than night owls. Enough said. But not really because this is really interesting stuff: a bunch of things happen when your body finally relaxes in sleep, and all of it is beneficial to your long term physical health as well as mental health. Once you drop into deeper cycles of sleep, your blood pressure drops, breathing slows, muscles are relaxed, body temperatures drop, and the blood supply to your muscles increase. This results in tissue and bone both repair, as well as cellular corrections. Growth hormones are also released that are essential for muscle development.

5 – Less Traffic/Easier Commutes

last one is really important and relatable. It never ceases to amaze me how just five minutes time difference can make on morning work hour traffic. If you have your morning planned out down to the last minute, then you’ve certainly experienced that five minute delay that has you stuck smack in the middle of it, and stressing over whether you’ll make the board meeting on time. Why do this to yourself when by rising earlyf you can be out the door and well ahead of those hundreds of commuters that have failed to read this article? Taking your time on the way to work lowers your stress over time managment, and gives you the opportunity to relax and think about the rest of your day.

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