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A guide on how to protect your skin from everyday Pollution

When we say that pollution is harmful to the skin it is really evident as it really damages the skin cells and makes it look dull. It doesn’t make a difference about how much we try to protect it from dust, smoke and dirt it still gets badly affected.

If you are out of the house the whole day you can feel what affects your skin. The smoke, dust, and fuel of cars smoked up in the air are all that clogs in your kin and damages the pores. Here are some ways you can follow to protect your skin from pollution:

Pollution makes your skin tone uneven and your skin starts looking dull. Always apply sunblock before heading out. This is the quickest you can do to protect your skin.

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Exfoliate your skin daily to stop the dirt from clogging in your pores. These will then turn into blackheads that are exceptionally tough to clean later. Always exfoliate the high points of your skin that are open to pollution.

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Use oils that are most suitable for your skin to moisturize.  These oils can be used before applying makeup too.

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Follow a healthy skin care routine by using the products that are for your skin type. Be regular on this step to make your skin look fine.

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Cleansing is a must. Always cleanse your skin after you are done with your work or chores and you are ready to relax.

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If you have makeup on after a long day, always wipe it off properly. Makeup too pollutes the skin.

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Apply a toner or rose water after washing your face or after every skincare process. This will balance out your skin tone.

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You can also use herbal ingredients for cleaning and exfoliating. Herbs and natural ingredients work the best for skincare purposes.

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