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Everyday pollution can affect your skin in many ways. The daily use of cleanser at times isn’t just enough. In order to remove the dead skin cells and open the clogged pores, exfoliation is that one step which we all should add to our facial routine. A regular exfoliating routine can help remove old skin cells and achieve healthy and fresh. Although, it is advised by the skin experts not to exfoliate more than twice or thrice a week as it may damage your skin cells.
The store-bought exfoliate products available are great, but, the natural exfoliants are much more skin friendly and also on budget.

Oatmeal- It is one of the gentlest natural exfoliators. If you have sensitive skin, this one is for you. Oatmeal contains anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that benefit our skin well.

Coffee- Coffee’s caffeine content and potent antioxidants give it powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, if you have acne prone skin, this one will do wonders to your skin.

Ground rice powder- This is yet another gentle-yet-effective exfoliator which is being used from centuries for brightening skin. It also gives a healthy glow to the skin and a soft feel.

Sea Salt- Full of the trace mineral, sea salt stimulates cell growth and helps your skin retain moisture. While it can be a little abrasive, it rejuvenates tired skin and is great for dry skin.

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