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Coffee & Cocoa lovers rejoice! This yummiest combo helps in improving your attention span
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Coffee & Cocoa lovers rejoice! This yummiest combo helps in improving your attention span

There comes a good news we have been waiting to hear all our lives! Coffee and chocolate have scientifically been proven to be a good and quality match for the health. And consuming them both together can prove worthy for improving the attention span of the drinkers.

According to a researcher Ali Boolani from Clarkson University paired with different research analysts from University of Georgia, taking coffee and chocolate together can be beneficial for the focus. The researchers conducted a year-long study in which they practiced different combinations of drinks on different volunteers. The drinks included caffeine without cocoa, caffeine with cocoa, placebo, and brewed cocoa. After the measured time, the participants were asked to complete task used to gauge attention levels.

When the results were revealed, it was found that both cocoa and caffeine drinkers had lower level of anxiety and increased attention level than those who only had cocoa. On the other hand, the group which consumed coffee showed no apparent changes and it was found that this group was more prone to get angry after particular concentration based task.

The group which just had caffeine saw no real changes in their energy or attention.  However, they did find that this group were angrier after the concentration tasks.

Ali Boolani said:

“Cocoa increases cerebral blood flow, which increases cognition and attention. Caffeine alone can increase anxiety. This particular project found that cocoa lessens caffeine’s anxiety-producing effects — a good reason to drink mocha lattes.”

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