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Get set, crawling.. Because, this is going to be fitness trend of the year
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Get set, crawl… Because, this is going to be fitness trend of the year

Throw off your gym kit, sweatshirts, and exercise kit; because you have got the new fitness trend for the year. Yes, crawling might be that new bug you need in your system to stay fit and healthy.

According to the latest trend reports, crawling through the floor by using your body weight is going to wheedle in the gyms coming year.

Personal trainer and Lululemon ambassador, Ally Gray, stated on the benefits of crawling;

“Crawling is beneficial for a number of reasons. It is an isometric move, which means that you are working hard to hold a position under repeated tension. This helps not only with your overall strength but also endurance and core stability – from wrists and shoulders through to hips, ankles and toes. There is also research to suggest that crawling can help with healthy blood pressure levels and be beneficial for your back.”

Are you a beginner? So, you have to try crawling yourself to fitness by following this simple advice;

“Literally! Try a ‘baby crawl’ first, the same as you would have done as a child. Hand’s centredand hip width apart, making sure your hands are aligned with your knees and crawlingforwards and then backwards, with a neutral spine. After performing a few baby crawls back and forth, engage your core and try lifting you knees slightly, hovering them above the ground a few inches, but in the same position.”

Repeat this; move forwards and backwards; ensure that your form is correct and weight is distributed equally.

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