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Did you know there are six types of Salt?

Do you like to cook or have knowledge about cooking stuff ?  No ? Well welcome to the club.

So today i was just randomly scrolling across Facebook and just got to know that we have 6 types of salt. Yes six types.

Even though salt seems like one of the most basic cooking ingredients, there’s actually more to it than you might realize. Not  one but we have many different kind of salts.  Some are more concentrated, some dissolve more easily, and some should only ever be used to finish a dish.

The things is when you read a recipe online and see salt in a different name, you get confused and think where to find it or how will it taste, so you just replace it with your normal salt without knowing too much about it.

So let us educate our-self about different type of salts:

Pink Himalayan Salt:

Pink salt is a type of rock salt that gets its color from trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, these extra minerals also give the salt a slightly different flavor.

Coarse Salt:

Many coarse salts also come from the sea, but they should be used differently than their finer counterparts because they’re more concentrated and they don’t dissolve as easily. It’s better to use them as a topping at the end than an ingredient during the cooking process.

Flaky Salt:

It has a pleasant, crispy texture that is great for finishing touches, especially when you are looking for that salty bite on a dish. It’s also a bit pricier than the other salts on this list, so avoid using it for general cooking.

Iodized Salt:

Iodized salt usually contains anti-clumping agents that give it a distinctive, slightly metallic taste. It’s also highly processed and has a weaker salinity and flavor.

Kosher Salt:

Many professional kitchens use kosher salt because it has a lower salinity, which makes over-salting more difficult.

Sea Salt:

Sea salt is finer and less concentrated than many of your other options. It’s also great for baking because it will disperse evenly. But not all types of sea salt are the same



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