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Does rain water make your hair soft and shiny?

Almost all girls wish to have long and shiny hair. They are usually in search of hair masks, shampoos, conditioners and best hair treatments that make their hair smooth and soft. I have heard numerous times, that rainwater is actually very good for hair. And there are people who collect and store rainwater to wash their hair. Isn’t it crazy? Have you ever washed your hair in the rain and felt any difference in them?

But why “rainwater”?

Rainwater comes with profound benefits which you won’t find in the water that we normally use (hard water). It is considered as “soft water” because it has a neutral pH, and is free from salts and minerals and other unnatural materials. It has some chemicals but they are not as harsh as in tap water.

Washing hair in the rain makes them soft and shiny. But! It is advised to avoid the initial showers because so many harmful chemicals evaporating as gases get condensed and make the first rain toxic and acidic. Hence, your hair might get damaged and dull.

A new rain spell is here already, so keep your buckets ready to collect the rainwater. Or else go out and let the rain bring natural shine to your hair, making them softer and more manageable.

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