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Here's what you should eat based on your blood group...
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Here’s what you should eat based on your blood group…

Have you ever wondered that whatever you eat throughout the day can be based on what is really inside you. What this actually means is that your blood group can be an indicator of a complete diet chart that is meant and suitable for you and you only. Very few people know that blood type carries certain traits that may become a substantial part of their diet and eating routine.

Here is what you can eat based on your blood group:

Type A Blood:

Ranging within the A Blood group, it is best if the carriers have a meat-free diet solely relying upon fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, and whole grains. All the food that is organic and fresh is meant for the people of this group as they have a sensitive immune system and they need nutrients that can help protect them from dangerous elements.

Type AB Blood:

The food items that people of these blood group should majorly focus on include dairy, green vegetables, seafood, and tofu. As per health experts, AB blood group owners have low stomach acid, making them cautious to avoid smoked or cured meats, alcohol and caffeine.

Type O Blood:

For the people belonging to O Blood type, a high protein diet is the best way to get fit and healthy. A high protein diet consists of vegetables, fish, poultry, lean meat along with light beans, grains and dairy. The medical experts have also recommended that supplements which help against stomach problems should be a must in O Blood group people, as they tend to have these problems more than others.

Type B Blood:

For B Blood group, highly sensitive characterization is a must. The people in this group should eat specific meats, eggs, green vegetables, alongside low-fat dairy. These people should categorically avoid chicken at large along with tomatoes, corn, peanuts, wheat, buckwheat, and sesame seeds.


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