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Eat real food not junk food
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Eat real food not junk food

As a parent, you are probably tuned in to your child’s demands so much that thier eating pattern has become almost normal.

So if you thought that giving in to the junk food was harmless, we are sorry to break the bubble!

It’s not the fast food companies fault that children are fat, it is the parents’ fault. Companies are bombarding children and teens with advertisements for energy drinks, fast food, and other unhealthy products, which is influencing their choices and setting them up for lifelong bad habits.
According to the report, the average child watches two hours of TV each day and sees up to five food and beverage ads an hour.

No doubt It is truly a challenge to stay away from these very less nutritious yet delicious junk food but understanding all about junk food and how to replace it with healthy eating is something that will help us be a better ‘food-police’ the next time.

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