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Foods to Avoid Eating After a Workout!

1. Sugary Shakes:

There are a ton of protein shakes, many of them contain too much sugar, others contain absurd levels of fillers, chemicals, and other bulking agents.

You can still enjoy a quick shake after a workout. It’s a fast and easy way to replenish your body, choose a brand that is low-sugar and free from problematic additives

2.Processed Energy Bars

If convenience is your main priority, a banana or handful of nuts is just as easy and also completely natural.


3. Low-carb meals

A better choice for post-workout carbs is fruit.Our bodies need carbohydrates as a source of ready fuel, and exercise burns through your supply


4.Sports Drinks

Most fitness-minded people do not need energy drinks to be healthy. Sports drinks make you feel great because they’re high in sugar, but that rush is temporary and eventually leaves you in a hole.


5.Salty Processed Foods

It is natural to crave salt after exercise because we do lose some with sweat.

6.Fried Foods

When your workout leaves you feeling famished, fried foods can fill you up quickly. But they also slow your digestion, making you feel sluggish rather than reinvigorated


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