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How to prevent Hair-Fall in this weather!

Many are experiencing an extreme amount of hair fall with the change in weather.

This can be due to many reasons:

  • Bein in the sun for long-duration – Sun soaks up the moisture and leaves the hair dry and brittle
  • Washing your hair more than required- the more your hair comes in contact with water the more susceptible for breakage
  • AC is used all day- the air conditioner pulls out all the moisture off your hair which causes more hair fall
  • Dandruff- the hot weather aggravated dandruff which causes scalp itchiness and causes temporary hair loss.

What can you do to reduce hair loss?

  • Use a DIY mask weekly- mix yoghurt with egg and it works best to remove dryness in your hair
  • Use a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel
  • Have supplements for healthy hair
  • Use a silk pillowcase
  • Deep conditioning oil treatment
  • A balanced diet also helps to improve hair texture
  • Do not shower your hair regularly. Shower at least thrice a week to avoid hair loss.

Every day there is a minimum amount of hair-fall so do not worry. However, if there is a lot of hair-fall then do follow the steps above for healthy hair

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