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How to take care of your skin care routine in winter!

Okay so we all have been facing this argument regarding winters and it’s consequences. Let’s be honest winters is the only calming season people wait all the year for.

But yes we face many troubles all of a sudden your feet feels like a sandpaper, whereas, you get all dandruff in your hair making the scalp dry and patchy.

But the thing which gets affected the most is your skin. You have to do a lot of care to keep your skin hydrated and up to the mark.

Here are some tips where you can make sure to keep your healthy and soft in winters.

Don’t use warm water:

You might be feeling cold and want to use hot water to rinse off your face? This is the worst idea one can ever think, honestly. Warm water can make your skin dry and patchy leaving it rough. Always go for lukewarm water or cold water if you can bear the cold temperature; but if not lukewarm water is an option you should go for.

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Moisturize your face regularly:

Winters bring a lot of changes in the climate which is not good for your skin. Whenever you feel like that yes winters are coming just grab a great moisturizer for your skin and use it regularly. It will help you keeps your skin very subtle. You will also get rid of acne as well.

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Drink lots of water:

People usually don’t feel thirsty in winters and their intake of water gets reduced in this season. You don’t realize how harmful it is for the body.No matter what season it is a body needs it required an amount of water. Even if you don’t feel thirsty grab a glass of water and have it. If you can’t consume 8 to 10 glasses a day at least go for 5 to 6 glasses, compulsory.

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Avoid a lot of caffeine:

I don’t think without coffees our winters are complete, isn’t it? Caffeine is a great source of keeping yourselves warm in winters. But anything which is taken excessively can be contagious. One cup of coffee is more than enough because caffeine makes your skin very dry and irritating at the same time.

So you better watch out coffee lovers!

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Exercise is must:

I can totally understand the warmth of the blankets and getting out from the bed in chilly winters. But do it if you love your skin. Exercise keeps your pores clear and flushes away all the toxins from the skin when you sweat and also keeping your internal organs healthy.

This is an extraordinary solution for your skin and trusts me not very hard to follow. You just need motivation and there you go.

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So start following these easy remedies and make your self-standout in winters!

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