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If you are Stressed out, Try These Food Nutrients

We all are aware of Stress Eating. We get stressed out and we eat. But whenever we think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort food. Like Mac and cheese or snacks. People eat in stress because they find comfort in food. And hence, comes the poor heath and weight gain. And it lowers our self-esteem.

Food gives us a sense of comfort in stress but it is only giving us more stress and anxiety. So if we want to cheer ourselves with food, so why not give a try to foods that can actually uplift us and calm us down.

Here are Food Nutrients which helps out in Stress

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is very beneficial. It has high fiber and is known as a natural mood booster. Oatmeal can help in lifting your mood if you add nutritions in your body by eating it. Oats can help improve blood sugar levels. They can also lower cholesterol levels.

2. Dark Chocolate

When it comes to comforting ourselves, chocolate seems like the best option. But we usually eat milk chocolates which only add pounds to our body. Instead, try eating dark chocolate. It has many benefits. There are flavors in dark chocolates which help reduce stress. And it can calm us down.

3. Leafy Green Vegetables

Lack of magnesium in the body can be a problem. Leafy green vegetables contains magnesium in plentiful quantities. It can help in reducing anxiety and relax the muscles. Spinach is known to have double amount of magnesium in it.

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4. Fish

Fishes like Tuna or Salmon have the ability to calm the stressed ones because it is rich with omega 3s (it is a fatty acid). Omega 3s can help reduce stress hormones and also protect the heart.

5. Tea

Consuming some cups of tea in your day can reduce stress and uplifts mood. Tea can also result in healthy sleep. Green and black tea can have the calming effect on your body and lessen the chances of having stress. People who drink tea can recover from stress.

6. Milk

There is Calcium in Milk which helps in lowering mood swings, and lessen depression symptoms. It calms the body down and lowers blood pressure. Drinking a glass of milk before bed can result in a good night sleep. It also helps in reducing cortisol levels which is a stress hormone.

7. Almonds

Lastly, Almonds help in stress relief. Almonds help in boosting the immune system when you are stressed out. Eat a cup of almonds everyday. You can also eat almond butter with toast. It can reduce stress.

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