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Looking for healthy snacks??

Quarantines over and universities are reopening, which means a lot of junk in your free time and gaining a lot more pounds than you need to. The hunger is going to be real. You will find yourself attracted to so many things which aren’t healthy for you.

So in order to avoid that here are few healthy snacks, you can munch onto in your free time, which will keep your cravings satisfied.

1- Fruit Yoghurt

This has to be my favorite, you can keep it in the freezer for half an hour and it’ll be cold and good enough for you to eat. If needed, add some granolas or fruits on top for that perfect taste.

2- Dry fruit mix

dry fruit are the best healthy snacks ever, Keep a packet of mix dry fruits with you at all times. Trust me they are very filling and they are yum also!!

3- Whole wheat biscuits

Whole wheat or digestive biscuits, the choice is yours. They come in handy especially when you have evening classes, a cup of coffee or tea with these biscuits, the perfect duo!

Hope these snacks help you with the unnecessary munching and you don’t overeat and regret later!

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