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People That Walk Fast Are Reported To Be Less Happy

Are you the type of person that walks fast or slow? Well, based on a new study, walking fast is reported to be tied to how unhappy you are.

The study says that people who walk fast tend to be the type of people that are intense and easily get unhappy.

These people often prioritize getting things done as their life’s goal and tend to ignore their happiness, focusing on getting things that will never be done and have trouble controlling their emotions.

People that walk fast are also often perfectionists and able to tell work and personal issues apart.  They also seldom take a break and unwind.

Compared to people who walk slow, they are usually the type of people that are more introverted, cautious and have difficulty making friends; but tend to be more optimistic and easier to satisfy.

Are you the type of person that walks fast or slow? Send this to your fast walking friends and family and ask them to slow down a little!


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