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Sana Makki is not a Covid cure

There is a misconception going viral about this herb called Saana Makki Senna plant that it cures coronavirus. This misconception gone viral from the video posts via social media and WhatsApp messages in which Nazir Ahmed, a natural specialist situated in the United Kingdom, guaranteed that he had relieved more than 150 Covid-19 patients with the tea extraordinarily arranged with the plant.

Where as its not true, as Nazir Ahmed yield that the home grown treatment can help you to boost your immunity system and not to fight against this deadly virus. In any case, it is not the slightest bit a remedy for the dangerous infection.

As it’s a laxative and it dehydrates the patient, he/she can die, only normal people can take it for constipation but that too once a day and little in quantity, there is no medical evidence that it’s a covid cure.

There is no Vaccine or Cure of Corona Virus has been announced by WHO so far. The only way we can stay away from this virus is by following all the SOPs.

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