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Say yes to leafy greens!

Nowadays, leafy green vegetables are being ignored in diets at large. Most of the people think that meat and chicken are the only rich sources of great health. However, the reality is that they are unaware of the disadvantages of the excessive eating of meaty foods and neglecting the leafy vegetables in their meals. To remain fit and healthy, a balanced diet is needed that includes all the types of Vitamins required by a body. Green vegetables are highly essential for a human body as they contain Vitamins A, C, K and E; and are extremely beneficial. So have a look at the benefits!

  • Prevent diseases

First of all, green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, celery, cucumber, kale, broccoli and the like have lutein and zeaxanthin- plant pigments; that are known for the preventing heart diseases, breast as well as lung cancer. So isn’t it great for the patients suffering from such diseases? Don’t you think that instead of taking heavy doses of medicines and injections, they should increase the intake of these veggies?


  • Strengthen your body

You need to think seriously about adding these nutrients to the diet if you want to look young and fresh. It is because they are high in antioxidants that is, Vitamin C and E are present in abundance. Vitamin E is good for improving the immune system and protects cells from getting damaged. Next is Vitamin C, which plays an important role in strengthening bones and making your skin shine. Yes, girls! There is no need to waste money on purchasing expensive creams and serums to give your skin a glow. It’s all naturally present in leafy veggies! Grab them and shine bright.


  • Maintain the amount of Iron in body

There are many people who suffer iron deficiency and many pregnant women die giving birth to babies due to the decreased iron level in their bodies. For such people, it is important to take spinach with their meals, which is the best source of iron. It increases the level of haemoglobin and stops hair fall. Hair fall is a problem, every other person is suffering from. So what are you waiting for? Make green salads, or cook dishes that contain spinach.


  • Keep you smart

I have come across many people who are fat and want to lose weight, and they have been trying remedies to become slim and smart. For them, I would say, while planning diet charts do not forget to add green vegetables in it, because most of them have a low amount of fats and carbohydrates that help reduce weight. In addition, the intake of vegetables like kale and spinach that are full of Vitamin A helps improve eyesight. Therefore, children must be given these from a very early stage.


And lastly, green vegetables help us keep our bodies hydrated and improves metabolism, which in turn produce red blood cells. So what’s there to think about? Plan a healthy diet chart and become more fresh, healthy and strong.

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