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Shahrukh Khan’s workout and diet plan is what you need to follow to stay in shape

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of Bollywood is very cautious about his body and that’s exactly the reason why the 50-year old actor believes in mindful eating.

The “King of Bollywood” as he is popularly called is also gifted with a slim and toned physique. His six-pack abs in Om Shanti Om made heads turn while his second avatar featuring eight-pack abs in Happy New Year mesmerized everyone.

It amazing to see that even at 50, Shahrukh has successfully achieved such a chiseled body, which shows that if you work hard and have the right approach, no goal is out of your reach.

So if you guys are looking for motivation or thinking to stick to your new resolution of losing weight then we have jot down the most important bits for you.


  • He doesn’t diet, eats twice a day, only lunch and dinner and no meal in-between.
  • At home he eats sprouts, grilled chicken, broccoli, sometimes lentils, and that is his food day-in-day-out, everyday. However, he is flexible when he is a guest at someone’s house.
  • He doesn’t have sugar.
  • He doesn’t drink protein shakes.
  • He advises to eat in moderation, and eat everything and anything as long as you clock in a good hour’s workout.


  • He exercises post midnight and ends it at around 3am, and then has his dinner. He works out 4-5 times a day depending on the work load and late night shoots.
  • He lifts 30-40 pound dumbbells.
  • He cycles for cardio, and does it every day for 30 minutes.
  • For an intense workout during cycling, he wears a weighted suit, which weighs around 8-10 kgs.
  • He works out for 30 minutes and mixes up his workout.
  • He doesn’t lift too heavy, doesn’t increase his weights, but he fluctuates the reps.

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