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Sick all the time? Here is how you can get rid of it...
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Sick all the time? Here is how you can get rid of it…

It is that time of the year again, when you tend to get sicker than usual. Being attacked by sore throat, body aches, or sniffing all the time; tried and tested all the treatments but still need to call in sick? It seems that we might have the answer to all your worries.

A new research has found a way to get rid of unnecessary illness; however, I must alarm you that it is not the one you will be expecting to hear or in fact: read.

As per the research conducted in Netherlands, it has been suggested that taking a cold shower every morning is the first step towards bidding farewell to an unwanted illness.

During the study, more than 3000 respondents had to take an icy shower first thing in the morning for continuous 30 days. The results concluded about 29 per cent reduction in sick rate.

Apart from eradicating untimely sickness, the participants also reported other minor benefits like increase in productivity and high energy levels.

Nonetheless, it is a good thing that you have an option in the pipeline to make the sickness shoo away; as winters approach with full glory. However, if you can survive a bout of cold water every winters morning, remains to be seen.

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