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Some Interesting facts about Apple Cider Vinegar you probably didn’t know!

Apple cider vinegar is a basic kitchen ingredient which shockingly can be used as a multipurpose liquid too. This vinegar has several health benefits which we are seriously not aware of.  It can be served as a beauty or skincare product too along with being just an ingredient for flavoring your meals like salads, soups, dressings etc.

Apart from the kitchen uses, it multitasks too as a cleaning substance and for food preserving too.  Here are some of the detailed uses you should know to bring this vinegar to a purposeful use.

  1. Used as an antibacterial product.

Apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial properties. It can be used as a deodorizer as it can reduce bad smell and minimize odor.

  1. Foot Soak.

When mixed in warm water this vinegar can act out as a natural foot soak and help to scrap out dead and dry skin from the foot and heels. It can also assist to get rid of bad odor and unwanted smell.

  1. Natural Toner.

After doing a healthy skincare and facial scrubbing this vinegar can be used as a skin tonic. This when applied to skin helps to brighten and tighten the loose felt skin.

  1. Hair Shiner and softener

When hair is rinsed off with this vinegar and water, it gives the hair a natural looking shine and a very smooth texture. This also helps to detangle the hair and can control the dandruff too.

  1. Cleaning agent

It is really interesting to know that this vinegar can be utilized as a mouth was and a tooth brush cleaner too. Moreover it freshens up the mouth and whitens the denture because of its antibacterial properties.

  1. Throat Soothing

To clear up the throat Apple Cider Vinegar can be used when mixed with warm water. It is generally used as a homemade remedy to soothe out sore throats.

  1. Steel Cleaner

This is definitely an all-purpose vinegar when it is used to remove strong sticky grease stains from steel stoves and ovens. This can be used a commercial cleaner for various household things to and can be used as alternative to other cleaners.

  1. Preservative

It helps to be used as a food preservative because it acts to kill enzymes and make the food last longer.

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