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The best five good mood foods perfect for a cheat day

When you are in a phase of striving and struggling for that healthy and fit body shape, you definitely avoid some yummy aromatic meals and delicious food for a longer time and for you sometimes it gets hard to resist yourself from enjoying those meals.

For days when you feel like favoring your taste buds, you try to cheat on your diet and feel like consuming the extra cheesy or carb-containing food for pampering yourself you call it a cheat day. For these days that come once in a blue moon, we have some yummy meals that can remind you of those flavors that you have been missing out for a while.

Here’s a list of those mouth-watering dishes for you:

  • Fettuccine Pasta

This melted parmesan cheese pasta with a grilled fillet will definitely be considered as a good mood food. The running warn butter and cheese will together emulsify the taste as its rich creamy sauce covering the pasta will satisfy those cravings you had for a while and be a perfect fit to boost up your taste buds.

  • Mushroom Melt Burger

This mouthwatering and rich burger flavor is going to be all that you needed to enhance the built-up bland taste by the daily diet food. The juicy patty with mushroom and cheese is very easy to make and is equally delicious.

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake

For a heavenly dessert taste, red velvet cheesecake layered with yummy cream cheese is the best you can have to fulfill the dessert space after a good meal.

  • Pepperoni and Cheese crush Pizza

Pizza is an all-time favorite meal for foodies. This special flavor with pepperoni and stretchy cheese is heavenly and the best pizza combination.

  • Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese just like fettuccine pasta are simply easy to make. The aromatic scent of the readily cooked dish will be the perfect cheat meal to have to build up a scrumptious taste in a long while.

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