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These Iced Tea recipes are a must try

The yummy flavored chilled tea for summers is all you need for refreshing yourself and to beat the scorching heat. The humidity is increasing day by day and the weather makes you lazy and irritated. To favor yourself and to make the weather enjoyable make yourself this yummy iced tea that would give freshness and would definitely beat the heat.

Try these delicious recipes:

  • Peach Iced Tea

This fruity flavor of the tea is all you need for summer. This tea contains a blend of peach extract, lemon, tea leaves, and crushed slushy ice. To give it a citrus hint, squeeze some lemons in it to enhance the taste.

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  • Lemon Tea

Lemon Iced tea is really refreshing and it serves as a pleasure to the taste buds once it is consumed. Lemonade with tea leaves is all that it is made up of. For a really fresh and minty flavor put a crushed mint on top.

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  • Cucumber Iced Tea

Cucumber pulp mixed with lemon and tea is the perfect mixture of iced tea for the summer. Cucumber itself is cooling and it gives out the perfect taste when it is too mixed with tea leaves.

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  • Vanilla Tea

Vanilla essence with the aroma of tea is also an interesting and tasty recipe for making iced tea.  All you need to do is to enhance the vanilla flavor of the regular iced tea with vanilla extract or essence.

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