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Use these natural ingredients for a good lip care

We often ignore taking care of our lips the same way as we do it for other routines.  Lip care is really important when your lips become dark, dry and chapped. Exfoliating and following proper lip care is equally important.

Here are some methods of how you can take care of your lips in the easiest and natural way.

Coconut Oil

For dried and chapped lips, the easiest way out to help cure the problem is to moisturize the lips with coconut oil. Coconut oil is easily available at homes as it is a kitchen ingredient and also does give good results.

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Almond Oil

Lips become off toned and dark due to weather changes and other problems. Almond oil is the best to keep the lips soft and toned.

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Lemon and Cream

Lemon drops mixed with cream is a perfect combo of making an organic lip mask for toning the lips. This too has a miraculous effect.

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Sugar Honey and lemon

For chapped and dried lips this combination and mixture of sugar honey and lemon are perfect for making a lip exfoliated scrub.

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