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Uses of a few medicinal trees you need to know

Some medicinal plants and trees are used for various herbal purposes and most of us didn’t even know the purpose they are used for.  Advanced medicines play a major part in our lives and are used frequently to cure different sorts of diseases but some plants and herbs that effectively treat and cure multiple health issues do exist and it is what many of us didn’t know about!

Since ancient times, we do know that herbs like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, aloe vera and mint leaves are commonly used to cure cold, flu, cough, skin problems, better digestion and other health related problems. Now let’s have a look on some nature gifted trees that heal virtually everything.

  1. Elm

Elm bark is used for digestive disorders and to cure the problem of water retention. The slimy substance present in its inner bark is consumed when it is mixed in water to cure health problems like constipation, bladder and urinary infections, herpes etc.

  1. Alder

Alder is used as a wound wash and as an agent to heal deep cuts and wounds. The leaves and bark of it are used to treat tonsillitis and fever. The leaves can also be used to cure inflammation. Fresh leaves applied to bare feet are perfect for curing burns ad aches.

  1. Maple

Maple is used to cure soreness of eyes and relieve the soreness of breasts for nursing mothers and pregnant woman. Moreover, the bark is used to treat bronchitis and kidney diseases.

  1. Elder

If you suffer from headaches and frequent migraines which occur due to intake of more stresses you need to know that Elder is the used as the most suitable herbal treatment to cure such problems. It can also be used to get rid of congestion and minor fever.

  1. Beech

Beech is used as an application for various skin diseases A tar obtained from distillation process of its branches is an antiseptic.

  1. Ash

Ash twigs are used to help reduce jaundice and gout. The herb is great to ingest along with a diet to enhance evacuation of waste through urine.

  1. Hawthorn

The herbal alternative other than medicines to cure heart diseases like chest pain, congestive heart failure and to control blood pressure is definitely Hawthorn. According to a study, the tree has important uses related to hardening of the arteries and to cure high cholesterol problems.

These were the nature’s most powerful and strongest healing substances which work for hundreds of different sorts of ailments and problems.

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