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Using Your Phone For Too Long Can Cause “Horn-like” Bone Growth

We spend hours and hours being on our phone sometimes and it might be secretly changing our skulls!

Researchers conducted a study and found out that 41 percent in 1200 people aged between 18 to 30 has a bone growth located on the back of the skull.

using your phone for too long can cause “horn-like” bone growth

The horn-like bone growth can be seen as early as 13 years old and it’s a dangerous symptom of bad posture that is caused by being on the phone for too long.

“The issue is being created by people engaging in forward head protraction for long periods of time,” said Dr David Shahar.

using your phone for too long can cause “horn-like” bone growth

“Posture maintenance is imperative from an early age. Just as we have educated children to maintain oral hygiene, I think it’s important to promote good posture.”

So if you’re a phone addict that’s staring down at your phone all the time, it’s time to change your posture or you might start growing these bone spurs!

Do you know someone that’s on their phone all the time? Let them know!

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