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Ways to fix split ends!

Don’t you find split ends totally annoying when you do any styling on your hair and they show. Yes, they look very ugly and you feel like rather covering your hair. Ever wondered why they appear?

Yes, when you stop taking care of your hair on regular basis and they become extremely dry and very threadbare thin, too much roughness causes more split ends. There isn’t much to worry about, having split ends is very common as it happens due to many reasons and not just dryness. I will be giving you closure about a few techniques you can get rid of them and fix it just fine!

Doing too much of styling and using straighteners, dryers and curlers too often can also be a real cause behind split ends, including the amount of serums and chemical you introduce your hair to.

However, no problem comes up without a solution. Like I said, it’s easy to get rid of split ends if you start taking care of your hair and by following these few easy steps:

  • Trim your hair at least once a month.
  • After shower, detangle them very gently with a brush which is not too rough to cause you hair fall.
  • Oil your hair at least twice a week, it’s THE ONLY remedy which does wonders to your hair and prevent them from all sorts of damages.
  • Lastly, never skip conditioner. Every time you are oiling and washing your hair with a shampoo, make sure you condition them just fine.

Hope you fight with split ends and get back your hair, all smooth and shiny! 🙂

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