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10 Lifestyle changes Meghan Markle will have to follow once she’s married

Actor Meghan Markle’s life has undoubtedly changed since she began dating Prince Harry last year, but her life is about to change in an even bigger way after becoming the member of Britian’s family. As we can see Meghan’s instagram stories and how she lives her life, we wonder how Meghan feels about it. No more Instagramming world trips, no more wandering around Southern California bodyguard-free. It’s definitely going to be different.

She may have to give up her career.

Royals don’t generally stay employed. Markle is an accomplished actor, philanthropist, blogger, and fashion designer. Many have noted that Markle shut down her blog, “The Tig,” in the past few months and has started using her platform to speak about charities she is passionate about.

She can’t be active in politics.

Though Markle is outspoken about social issues and racial issues, she would not be able to be an active participant in politics. Royals are apparently forbidden from discussing specific political views publicly and they don’t vote.

She can never play Monopoly at home.

This is an odd, but true fact. The royal family is expressly forbidden from playing the board game “Monopoly” with each other because the games apparently got “too vicious.” Hopefully Harry tipped her off to this before she brings the game as a fun activity over the holidays.

She’ll have to sit in royal ranking order.

The royal family always has to sit and arrive in a room in order of succession to the throne. And although that means she’ll likely be able to sit with Harry for most functions, she’ll also have to get used to claiming the same spot with the same seatmates.

She’ll get some protection.

Being a royal isn’t easy, especially when it comes to being protected from legions of adoring fans. If she becomes a royal, CNN noted that she’ll have access to a team of bodyguards and security detail.

Her title will change.

Meghan Markle will no longer just be Meghan, Meg, or Rachel from “Suits” if she marries Harry. Her title would be either Royal Highness Princess of Wales or the Duchess of Sussex.

She’ll have to dress “modestly”

Meghan is known as a fashionista, and even guest designed for a clothing line. But she’ll probably be encouraged to dress modestly and dress formally if she was to marry Harry, even though it’s not an official requirement.

She’ll have to follow the queen’s lead.

Meghan and the queen have apparently gotten on pretty well, and that is a good sign because if she does marry into the family, she’ll have to get very good at paying attention to the queen.

She’ll live a more lavish lifestyle.

She will live more comfortably than she can imagine. It’s unclear what budget she’d have, but it’s pretty safe to assume Harry could spare some of his estimated $40 million.

Nights out for evenings in.

Markle seems to have avoided the classic back-in-the-day shot of falling out of a nightclub (unlike her husband-to-be) and that must stay that way. Even if the couple have date nights it’s most likely to be in exclusive restaurants where they’ll probably enter from the backdoor, otherwise they’ll stay in.

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