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13 reasons why or more like Elite, what do you think ?

Netflix just dropped trailer for 13 Reasons Why season 3, and looks like the clan is mourning someones death.

In the trailer, Bryce Walker, one of the main characters on the show since Season 1, was apparently killed. The scene begins by showing Deputy Standall, Alex Standall’s dad, surrounded by a bunch of cop cars with their lights flashing while he investigates a crime scene.

Although the season continues the concept of Hannah, but something about this trailer is quite similar to another Netflix series.

The trailer looks quite similar to Netflix Spanish series ” Elite “ which follows the same pattern of murder of a student.

Elite, follows the story a trio of young people from lower class entering the most exclusive school in Spain , Las Encinas . From that moment the quarrels among his companions do not wait, which finally triggers a murder.

Both season have quite similar plot line, revolve around the death of a main character and show us through their episodes the motives that triggered the event. At the same time they point us to the people involved and their relationship with the victim , leaving the viewer to gradually discover what really happened to the character.

Another quite similar fact about both these series are, In Elite something similar happens with Marina and Samuel, just like it happens Hannah and Clay, she plays with her feelings.

In race of similarity both season highlights taboo subjects, teen troubling, sexual abuse. But Elite dare to highlight a wider subjects like HIV , Islamophobia and drug use.

While both series are good, they capture different same subjects in different ways.

Season 3 of 13 reasons why will be premiered on Friday, Aug. 23 and Elite season is also available for streaming on Netflix.


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