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5 famous people who chose suicide despite being splendid in life

1.8% of the world’s deaths are suicides. One million people die of suicide every year. The global suicide rate is 16 per 10,000. One person dies of suicide every forty seconds.

Here are famous personalities who committed suicide:

1. Robin Williams

The man who managed to put a smile on all our faces left the world behind in August 2014. The actor was suffering from severe depression and had last checked into a rehabilitation centre in July. His suicide was suspected to be due to asphyxia.

2. Kurt Cobain

One of our most painful losses, Kurt Cobain, vocalist of grunge rock band Nirvana took the world by storm with their music. His difficulty to cope with fame led him to take his own life with a shot gun. Prior to his death, Cobain also had problems with substance abuse and had been reported as suicidal by his wife of two years, Courtney Love.

3. Jiah Khan

Bollywood actress Jiah Khan reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a ceiling fan in June 2013. A six page suicide note was found in her apartment talking of her troubled relationship with her boyfriend.

4. Virginia Woolf

Writer Virginia Woolf committed suicide by stuffing her coat with heavy stones and drowning herself into a sea near her house. Her suicide note, which was her third, had the opening line “I am certain I am going mad again.”

5. Chris Benoit

WWE wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before finally hanging himself. Reasons behind the murder/suicide are still a mystery, but a failing marriage and substance abuse problems are widely recognized.

May their souls rest in peace.

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