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5 Game of Thrones characters we feel might die in Season 8

The final season of Game of Thrones is all set to premiere on TV, fans have been buzzing about the show,  Now, Game of Thrones has never shied away from killing a fan favourite character and don;t expect season 8 to be any different. Let me tell you that the final season could be worse and we might end up with a lot of dead characters by the end of it.

The trailers and promos of the upcoming season have already teased deaths in Winterfell and we know that the Night King is not one to show mercy. Everyone has watched enough seasons and individual episodes in the past to expect a death at any and every point of time in the show. So,here’s why we feel that these 5 characters are likely to die in this season:

Jon Snow:

We bet that Jon Snow doesn’t make it alive out of season 8. The show has, on numerous occasions in the past, predicated on the grim reality that life doesn’t work out like it does fairytales and movies. He seems the most noble person and has fans rooting for, but her might has a certainty of death – just recall the head-chopping of Ned Stark in the season one finale and it’ll all make sense to you.

Tyrion Lannister:

He is the most popular Game of Thrones character, we have a feeling that the ‘hand of the queen’ too will follow Jon Snow in death. And that too, he won’t get a glorious death, rather an ignominious end after being branded a monster. Though we have nothing to back this on, but there is a popular theory that a certain turn of events will happen, which will leave Tyrion at odds with Daenerys Targaryen and at the same time he would have burned bridges with his brother Jamie Lannister, which will eventually lead to his demise. After all, Tyrion has also become a ‘hero’ that fans have been rooting for, it is likely that by the end of the show, he’ll not get his happy ending or the respect and honour that he aspires to achieve.

Lord Varys:

While we are sure that fans would have loved to see Lord Varys survive at the end of the show, but in George RR Martin’s work victory always comes with a cost. So, while the good may triumph over evil and Daenerys might become the Queen of the seven kingdoms, but it will surely come at a cost and with a lot of sacrifice.

Ser Davos Seaworth:

We already know that the ground of Winterfell will be littered with corpses of beloved characters from the show in the third episode of GoT season 8. It has also been reported that we will get to see another major battle in episode 5. We doubt that Ser Davos would survive both and go on further in the series.

Tormund Giantsbane:

Much like Ser Davos, Tormund too has served his story arc in the series. And we believe that the makers are just waiting for the opportune moment to give this wildling a deserving death. They have come close to doing it so many times in the past, yet, we feel that his character is now consequential enough to be killed in action or otherwise, as it will not only be an emotional moment on the show but will also serve as a motivational factor in Jon Snow’s arc.

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