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Aamir Khan's 'Secret Superstar' is breaking out hugely in China

Aamir Khan’s ‘Secret Superstar’ is breaking out hugely in China

Secret Superstar may not have performed at the Indian box office as Aamir Khan fans would have expected it to but China, despite the cold vibes still has a soft corner for Aamir Khan.

As you know, China is the very reason why Aamir Khan’s Dangal became India’s highest grossing movie worldwide coming close to making Rs 2000 crore.

Khan appeared excited with his upcoming visit to China and expressed his wish to cooperate with Chinese talents in film industry. The actor, whose latest film Secret Superstar is due to hit the screen on the Chinese mainland today, will soon fly to Shanghai to kick off his one-week trip. He will stay in Beijing from January 23 to January 26.

Besides looking forward to the upcoming get-together with his Chinese fans, Khan recalled his last visit to the country which ended on a positive note.

Referring to Chengdu as a “city of paradise,” Khan said, “Outside India, Chinese food is my favourite. Normally, I have a very strict diet. But when I go to China, I follow no diet… The people are also very warm and lovely. And I think that’s what really attracts me.”

As one of the most recognised Indian actors in China, Khan has visited twice since 2015. He said he felt Chinese and Indian people have many things in common when it refers to characters and social culture.

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