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Abhay Deol has something to say about the ban on Pakistani artists

Abhay Deol has something to say about the ban on Pakistani artists

Abhay Deol, recently, during the media conference rang out with sharp clarity for calling out the hypocrisy of the ban. He stated, “If you want to ban anything to do with Pakistan, and then go the distance. Don’t just ban filmmakers. Why are you doing a half-hearted job?” Abhay told ANI.

“Ban the business dealings, the import, and the export because when you do half a job no one will take you seriously. I don’t take the government seriously because they are only banning us from collaborating with artistss.”

“They are not banning businessmen from making business. So, if you really mean what you say, then go the distance. Then I will take you seriously. Right now it is not looking like you mean it, it just looks like it gets you a lot of publicity and makes a lot of noise,” he added.

His statements came just two days after the film-maker Anurag Kashyap criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the harassment caused to the film-makers Karan Johar.

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