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Adnan Sami’s fake tweet is making rounds

After watching the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s film Zero which was released on Khan’s birthday, it was loved by everyone and the fans are anxiously waiting and excited for the film to release; but this is not the news there is the one tweet making rounds on the internet and making fans angry. That tweet is a spoiler alert for the film Zero circulating with Singer Adnan Sami’s name.


The tweet read “Anushka Sharma will die due to paralysis disease in the end of film ‘Zero’ and SRK will become an astronaut just to fulfill Anushka’s wish. The end. Don’t tag anyone to ruin their movie” this tweet went so viral that people started to call out Sami for ruining the film.


He replied by telling how this tweet is fake. People just can’t handle themselves with this whole situation.

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