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Ali Zafar raises his voice against VIP culture in an open letter

Ali Zafar raises his voice against VIP culture in an open letter

Pakistan’s famous singer Ali Zafar raised his voice against the VIP culture in an open letter which is directed to the event organisers, schools, institutions and promoters.

The singer spoke against the VIP seating arrangement in most of the concerts. He said,

“In such an arrangement, the students or indeed actual fans are almost always made to stand and watch and participate at a considerable distance from the stage…. which creates a huge distance between me the artist, and them, my audience, who have often paid to be there.”

He said that such an arrangement “defeats the purpose of having artists such as myself perform for audiences, where both of us are denied any direct interaction.”

The singer further said, “it is my belief that among many others values, a school’s education is to teach equality to our children…… Having this physical divide at concerts then goes against the very spirit of equality we should be imparting.”

He added, “concerts are arranged mostly for students to be able to enjoy a form of healthy entertainment and by having them stand huge distances from the stage to allow for other more ‘special’ guests, I feel is setting a very wrong precedent.”

Here is his complete Facebook post:

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