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Amir Khan receives death threats after putting up Christmas tree for his daughter

Amir Khan is one celebrity who let his fans to keep his fans have a peek inside his world.

Recently the boxer who recently got back with his wife Faryal Makhdoom, put up the picture of a Christmas tree he had set up to surprise his daughter.

He posted, “While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy.”

But the post led to a horrific backlash from some his followers, who posted abusive and threatening messages in response.

One wrote: “I promise to God I want to kill you and your family, Amir.”

Others added: “As a fellow Muslim, I’m appalled seeing this. A Christmas tree represents CELTIC PAGAN tradition. Are you a Pagan?! Putting up a Christmas tree means you accept pagan culture and it’s not about ‘JUST FUN’. It’s SHIRK [a sin]!”

“How could he betray religion like that?”

“This guy suppose to be a role model for the younger Muslims. His head needs a wobble.”

However, others quickly rushed to Amir’s defence – pointing out that celebrating Christmas has become more of a cultural event rather than a religious one, they wrote:

“Christmas trees are a British cultural festival thing not a Christian religious thing. He can celebrate British culture.”

“Muslims don’t understand that Christmas trees are not religious, and they are not. They are part of British Culture.

“We celebrate Christmas in my country without trees. People can’t be punished for not doing anything wrong.”

And: “Seriously can’t believe some of the comments on here! I know plenty of practising Muslims that put Christmas trees up!”

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