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Amitabh Bachchan’s injury gets worse while shooting

Back in 80’s Bachchan was injured during a fight sequence being filmed at the city’s Jnana Bharati University campus. The university library had been rearranged to resemble the inside of a bank and the script called for the villain, played by Puneet Issar, an experienced stunt man, to kick Bachchan in the stomach.

Well that’s not it a few years ago Megastar Amitabh Bachchan injured his rib cage while shooting for his upcoming drama ‘TE3N’.

Recently the news came on that, the actor is currently nursing an old injury that got recently aggravated while shooting. “An old injury to the left shoulder has through time, activity, and age, been giving me nagging pain. It recently got aggravated due to some strong usage on set. Though the pain became unbearable, the medication and the tunnel visit has shown that it is an extra tear on the rotator cup, but that it has not reached an alarming stage,” Big B shared in his blog.

Although Mr Bachchan has had his share of highs and lows and suffered multiple injuries he’s still our super hero at a very strong man even at the age of 75. We wish Big B the best of health and hope he gets well soon.

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