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Arbaaz Khan confesses to IPL betting!

Actor and producer Arbaaz Khan has confessed to his involvement in IPL betting, according to police officials of Thane anti-extortion cell is involved in the investigations. Arbaaz was called to the police station where he was made to sit face-to-face with alleged bookie Sonu Jalan, arrested earlier in the case.

Sonu Jalan mentioned several other names in the police station who are involved in IPL betting.  Actor Arbaaz Khan placed bets during one of the past IPL seasons through Jalan. In those days, Jalan was working with a big bookie who went by the name Junior Calcutta. Subsequently, too there was a huge transaction between Jalan and Khan. Apparently, Khan was blackmailed into paying crores, the threat being that his gambling habit would be exposed. But all this will be probed once Khan gives his side of the story.

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