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Ayesha Omar is appalled at Priyanka Chopra & Sonam Kapoor’s stance on the Kashmir issue!

After Priyanka Chopra’s practical encouragement of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, a lot of Pakistani celebrities and public came together to demand the actress be removed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador. Armeena Rana Khan too wrote a letter to the UN, requesting how ambassadors were responsible for promoting peace and not personal, political agendas.

Then came another Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor, who again, rather than taking a particular stance, came up with a diplomatic statement on the current issues of Kashmir, India and Pakistan.

Following Chopra’s pro-war stance and Sonam Kapoor’s diplomatic views, Pakistani actor Ayesha Omar, expressed her disgust on how these celebrities were being insensitive to the brutalities going on in Kashmir. Taking to her social media,

“First #PriyankaChopra ‘s dismissive stance and now #sonamkapoor ‘s views. I’m appalled and disappointed to say the least. Are we actors not supposed to be ambassadors for peace? Where’s the sensitivity, empathy and humanity required to be an actor? Or just for being human?,” questioned the Bulbulay star on her social media.


Ayesha Omar’s stance is rather justified considering how insensitive Bollywood and its celebrities have been in promoting Modi and his injustice in Kashmir. None of them have managed to speak up against the atrocities being carried out in IoK and still, most of them are UN’s goodwill and peace ambassadors, titles that they enjoy without thinking about the responsibilities that come associated with them.

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