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Ayeza Khan is an unhappy bride in new drama Yaariyan

We will see Ayeza Khan play the role of a woman who is unhappily married to a man she has no feelings for in her latest drama Yaariyan.

While speaking about her character Ayeza said, “There are two sisters, but they have separate stories. One accepts her married life and is happy. The other is unhappily married and refuses to let others be happy either.”

“My character falls hard in love with a man but ends up getting married to someone else. Unfortunately, she cannot accept the person she married and because of that unhappiness she doesn’t let the man she’s married to be happy either.”

Her character, named Zubi, “is not a negative character”, she adds. “But at times she becomes selfish, which people find wrong.”

Ayeza reveals that she really got into her role for the drama. “My character’s been through a lot. I have done scenes in the drama where I actually cried. On Zubi’s wedding night, she remembers her lover, and [while doing that scene] I cried so much that the cast said I did a great scene. I told them that I put myself in my character’s shoes and realised how I would feel if I didn’t get married to (husband) Danish (Taimoor) and that pain made me cry.”

The point is that “you fall for many people but you love only one.”

Ayeza signed the script because she feels the story is highly relatable. “I feel there are a lot of dramas at the moment that contain violence, divorce and conflict between sisters and though this one contains some of these, it’s an interesting story which shows that there are stories like this around us.”

The cast also includes Mariyam Nafees, Hina Bayat, Shagufta Ijaz and Mehmood Aslam among others. The drama has been written by Samina Ijaz, directed by Wajahat Hussain and produced by Erum Bint Shahid.

Yaariyan is set to air on Geo tonight.

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