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Bhumi Padnekar opens up about her several relationships..

Unlike most Bollywood stars who make it to the headlines more often because of their personal lives than their work, Bhumi Pednekar has always had a clean slate. It has been a while since she became an actress but there haven’t been any link-up rumours about her yet. Maybe because her co-stars so far, Ayushmann Khurrana and Akshay Kumar are both married. But then a lot of actors are rumoured to be dating others from the industry who they haven’t ever worked with. And even that never happened in Bhumi’s case. When asked about her relationship status during a recent interview with Hindustan Times, she said:
“I am single. There’s no excitement apart from my work. I haven’t worked with many co-stars, so no rumours also. You can say I’m married to my work at this moment.”
However, she didn’t shy away from revealing that she has dated several men in the past.
“I am a modern day girl and of course I have dated many guys. But in all honesty, I was a child, so immature and naive. Everything was so frivolous and I’m not a bitter person. I’m friends with all my exes, as they were all friends. I feel these are the experiences that turn into the person you are.”
I’m sure many of her admirers will be happy to know that this pretty lass isn’t off the market.

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